A Sample Employer Request Letter 1

Dear [Boss]

To help provide our clients & candidates with the most current professional knowledge and skills in the industry, I would like to attend TechRecruit a leading one day conference to educate talent acquisition and recruitment professionals on innovations to attract talent across all industries. There are two conferences this year; LAXTechRecruit and MidWestTechRecruit.

TechRecruit offers over 8 hrs of panels and talks to choose from with over 35 top industry speakers. It is a day-long learning curriculum packed with actionable content. There are three tracks for c-suite, managers and practitioners. The pricing includes access to any of the sessions & panels plus the keynote address by legendary Lou Adler. Rates increase the week of the conference so we need to register soon. If we send the whole team we get a discount!

Attending the Conference will enhance my professional knowledge and skills, which will enable me to provide better care for my hiring managers and clients. I will be able to pass on much of what I learn to my co-workers and (your company) will promote it’s commitment to helping employees flourish through education and learning programs.

Here’s the website for more information:

Thank you for saying YES!



Sample Employer Request Letter 2

Hello [Boss],

Re: Request to Attend TechRecruit [LAX or MidWest]

I’d like to request your approval to attend TechRecruit a one-day conference that educates Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Leaders, Brand Ambassadors and Hiring Managers across all industries on how to use innovation to attract and hire talent. Key global speakers include; Lou Adler, Dean Da Costa, Derek Zeller, Craig Fisher, Jim Stroud, Will Staney and other industry thought leaders teaching about the tools, platforms, and tactics used to start recruiting for the year we live in. This year they have added three tracks for c-suite, managers and practitioners.

I plan on spending my time identifying solutions and best practices to help drive the following initiatives:

• [add project or initiative] People and Data Analytics

• [add project or initiative] Recruitment Operations

• [add project or initiative] Workforce Planning and Organizational Development

• [add project or initiative] Recruitment Marketing

• [add project or initiative] Management Coaching and Training

• [add project or initiative] Sourcing Tools

• [add project or initiative] Recruitment Automation

• [add project or initiative] Candidate Negotiation

• [add project or initiative] How to Build and Scale Talent Acquisition Teams

• [add project or initiative] Tech Recruiting 101 Workshop

• [add project or initiative] How To Hire Data Professionals

TechRecruit is packed with learning sessions, presentations and demos.

Check out Last Years agenda:

8:00am – Registration

8:15am – Welcome Address, Stacey Broadwell

8:20am - KEYNOTE: Todd Davis, IBM’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition

8:30am – University Recruiting Gateways: Berkeley, UC Irvine, Loyola Marymount

10:00am – Sourcing Innovations Block:

Dean Da Costa, “The Sourcing Lifecycle and the Tools to Help You Succeed”

Steven Jiang, “Proactively Building Talent Pipelines with AI”

Derek Zeller, “Linkedin Profile Building”

11am – KEYNOTE: Lou Adler: Human and Artificial Intelligence in Hiring


1pm – Diversity, Bias & Inclusion Block:

Nathan Mondragon, “Judgement, Bias & AI: Can HR & AI Work Together?”

Kimberly Jones, “Diversity: Commitment, Consciousness & Technology”

Shelly Winner, “From Incarceration to Microsoft”

Stacy Gordon, panel moderator.

2:00pm – Recruitment Marketing Block:

Joan Waggoner, “Recruitment Marketing Strategies & Case Studies”

Craig Fisher, “Employment Branding”

Teg Grenager, “Programmatic Ad Buying for Recruitment Marketing”

3:00pm – People Analytics Block:

Raghav Singh, “Turning HR Data into Analytics Gold”

Ethan Medeiros, “Presenting Hiring Analytics to the Executive Board”

3:45pm – Evaluating HR and Recruitment Tech ROI: Scott Hamilton, ENP.

4:00pm – “How to Build Talent Acquisition Teams that Scale

WAG – Brendan Rogers, Founder

HOUZZ – Marc Marrujo, Director Talent Acquisition

el Pollo Loco - Head of Talent Acquisition

WE O’Neil - Alan Fluher, Head of Talent Acquisition

IBM – Todd Davis, Global Talent Acquisition Leader

Here’s the approximate cost breakdown:

Airfare: $ XX

Transportation: (round trip taxi) $ 40

Hotel: (1 night) $ 179

Conference registration ($895)

Total: $ XXX

I am confident that my time at TechRecruit will help us drive better productivity and results for the team to meet our hiring goals this year. You can view the conference website for more info:

I’d like to register before prices increase. Thank you for your consideration.



Pricing Structure for Reference:


● Super Early Bird – $289 (SOLD OUT)

● Early Bird – $450 (Sale Ends in April)

● General Admission – $895

● Group Discount, 3 or More - 20%

● Group Discount, 5 or More – 30%

Katherine Dunn