How to Harness Data in Talent Acquisition: Outlook Amusements

In this episode of the TechRecruit podcast, Melissa Arvanitaki, Recruiting Manager at Outlook Amusements in Los Angeles, CA. discusses how she is helping transition Outlook Amusements into a data led organization. Melissa discusses how the initial pain points onset, "Not hiring fast enough", "Not recruiting the right talent" and how putting the ego aside allowed her to ask the right questions and get the help she needed to improve the overall recruitment process and organizational development. Asking "Whose Job is it to Recruit" and answering "Everyone's" changed the paradigm at every level. Now in-take meetings are more meaningful, communication between recruiter and hiring manager is held accountable, data sources are captured and HR technology has been translated. Melissa's story is one that every recruitment department is now trying to evolve into, digital marketing.

Stacey Broadwell