TechRecruit PodCast Roundup!

Big thank you to the last five guests on the TechRecruit podcast show! We learned so much from Derek Zeller, Jessica Wheeler, Amy Miller, Dean Da Costa and Melissa Arvanitaki. The TechRecruit podcast is an opportunity to learn from talent acquisition and recruitment professionals on innovations and strategies to attract talent across all industries. This Podcast is available across eight platforms and wherever you get your podcast.

Derek Zeller - Humanizing Recruitment. Sourcing lead, Derek Zeller, discusses the human approach to recruitment.  Engaging candidates with "We" vs. "I" and asking how someones day is going are just some of the recommendations he offers.  Derek also discusses when Candidate Experience became a topic and the division of labor between Sourcers and Recruiters.  Derek is deeply ingrained in recruitment industry with roots that go way back and relationships that run deep.  A true mentor and inspiration for TechRecruit.  

Jessica Wheeler - Leading Through Data @ Hulu. In this episode of The TechRecruit podcast, Jessica Wheeler, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition discusses her role at Hulu. Jessica manages four "pods" of recruitment managers that oversee recruiters, sourcers and coordinators at Hulu.  Listen as she talks about Hulu's culture, organizational structure, how recruiters support hiring profiles, how to motivate recruiters and their teams and the benefit of an internal rewards systems.  Jessica also describes her own career path and her ability to "build trust through positive intent".  Most interesting is Hulu's path to utilizing data and the impact it has had on talent acquisition and Jessica's own recruitment teams.  Jessica takes the listener down her own journey of developing metrics or "expectations" and proper workflows  to ensure the quality of data.  Lastly, Jessica attributes Hulu's hiring of a Director of People Analytics as the opportunity for HR to learn from the stories the data is telling while pulled from the ATS, HRIS or even viewership.  

Amy Miller - Negotiating Leadership Hires. Amy Miller is the Senior Technical Recruiter for Google.  She recruits for YouTube's Executive Leadership Team.  In this awesome episode, Amy Miller discusses her career path into recruiting, how Google negotiated her away from Microsoft and her current role as Senior Tech Recruiter for You Tube.  Amy Miller reveals critical steps in negotiating and closing executives and leadership professionals.  Questions such as, "How do you access for leadership?"  "When do you discuss salary?" and "What are the challenges in closing?" will be answered.  Also, Amy will discuss how to partner with a Research Sourcer to become a "Joint Super Recruiter".   Want to know the key to a successful recruitment relationship?  Listen and learn in this tell-all podcast with one of the most sought after recruiters in the business, Amy Miller. 

Dean Da Costa - The God Father of Sourcing. In this episode of TechRecruit, Strategic Sourcing and Research Technologist, Dean Da Costa discusses how he got into Sourcing, his Project Management Methodology, Employer Branding, Talent Communities, Facebook vs. Linkedin, and his personal TechStack to manage the entire Sourcing life cycle.  In addition, Dean talks about his book, "The Book of Recruiting: Da Costa Style."  I counted close to 40 resources offered by Dean in this episode!  Finally, Dean offers advice for finding a mentor and tells us something most don't know about him.  Step up your game and learn Recruiting - Da Costa Style!

Melissa Arvanitaki - Journey to Data. In this episode of the TechRecruit podcast, Melissa Arvanitaki, Recruiting Manager at Outlook Amusements in Los Angeles, CA. discusses how she is helping transition Outlook Amusements into a data led organization while thinking like a Digital Marketer.  Melissa discusses how the initial pain points onset, "Not hiring fast enough", "Not recruiting the right talent" and how putting the ego aside allowed her to ask the right questions and get the help she needed to improve the overall recruitment process and organizational development.  Asking " Whose Job is it to Recruit" and answering "Everyone's" changed the paradigm at every level.  Now in-take meetings are more meaningful, communication between recruiter and hiring manager is held accountable, data sources are captured and HR technology capabilities have been translated.  Melissa's story is one that every recruitment department is now trying to evolve into, data-led digital marketing.

Stacey Broadwell