TechRecruit PodCast - Chicago

Talent Acquisition professionals have the best stories! Every season, we interview the speakers of the TechRecruit Conferences to get to know them beyond the presentation. We begin with every great recruitment question; “Tell me about your job.” We’re not experts in EVERY industry, so let’s learn about what makes another industry or company unique in it’s recruitment challenges. We’re always interested in career paths and it’s one of our favorite questions, “How did you get into recruitment?” The path to recruitment generally does not begin with, “I always wanted to be a recruiter.” We then ask, “What makes you an expert at your job?” Here’s when our audience learns the secret sauce of amazing leaders in the Talent Acquisition space. This is never what the speaker is presenting on at the conference, but something new. Developed special for our podcast listeners. What makes the TechRecruit podcast amazing is how Stacey Broadwell takes the listener on a learning journey with her.

I love what you are doing! You ask the questions we are all thinking, but are afraid to ask.

Listen to the TechRecruit Podcast, anytime, anywhere on any device. It’s always different, it’s always fun, it’s always packed with actionable information from the speakers of the TechRecruit Conferences. Enjoy!

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Stacey Broadwell