Interview: Andrew Gadomski on Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics has emerged as the new super power driving recruitment. As many companies grapple to get started with the trend, others are leading the way in this winner takes all hiring strategy. In analytics, everything is on the table and it’s up to the story teller to provide the descriptive narrative. It’s here that we meet Andrew Gadomski, Managing Director for Aspen Analytics. Andrew helps companies who are need of data mergers, compliance testimonials, removing bottlenecks and pin pointing inefficiencies in their recruitment systems and processes.

“No one wants to get fined. Especially when we can come in for a month, look around and provide a descriptive analysis of what your team can do to get back on track.”

Stacey Broadwell interviews Andrew Gadomski on the typical catalysts for engaging with his clients.

Stacey Broadwell