The need for people who can recruit, manage pipelines and create a strong employer brand, is critical. Learn what Talent Acquisition Leaders across major brands are doing to attract talent at LAXTechRecruit, Nov 13th @ UC Irvine.  Here are ten reasons why you should be at LAXTechRecruit followed by ten reasons others enjoyed it!

  1. You’ll walk away with real world examples and innovative tools that you can use and share with your team.

  2. Dean Da Costa’s Workshop, “Sourcing 101: Boolean & X-Ray”. The first thing every recruiter needs to learn is how to source.  Dean is an expert in “Lean Recruiting” with the ability to analyze recruiting models and metrics that result in decreased time to fill ratio, budget spend, and increase in ROI and productivity.

  3. UC Irvine, UC Berkeley & LMU are going to give you the game plan used by leading brands to recruit top talent on College Campuses. They have seen it all and they are going to reveal what works.

  4. Todd Davis’ KEYNOTE on Trends in Talent Acquisition!! The man is the head of Global Talent Acquisition for IBM!

  5. REINVENT HIRING! World Renown speaker and bestselling author, “The Essential Guide To Hiring and Getting Hired”, Lou Adler will deliver a must hear KEYNOTE on Why Human Intelligence Needs Artificial Intelligence.

  6. Diversity – get some! I am convinced that this is the session that everyone will be talking about.  Three Tech Talks and panel that will challenge your own bias and beliefs on what diversity really is.


  8. Our Recruitment Marketing block is packed with the top authorities on how consumer marketing can be applied to recruitment to drive real conversion with talent at the right time. Here’s what Craig Fisher will be discussing.

  9. Korn Ferry’s, Raghav Singh, will show you how to turn HR Data into Analytics Gold! While Jane.com’s, Ethan Mederios, shows you how to pitch it in the boardroom.

  10. The “How to Build Talent Acquisition Teams that Scale” panel. Whether you are hiring or want to get hired, this session reveals the traits of an exceptional recruiter.

Finally, here’s what other attendees had to say about LAXTechRecruit:

“Hi Stacey! I wanted to just thank you so much for inviting me to LAXTechRecruit. I learned so much. And I think you did a wonderful job hosting!”

“This was a great panel!! Loved hearing what each person had to say about hiring and the day to day that they deal with. Gave you a different perspective.”

“Great experience collaborating with many of the best minds in tech recruiting at the LAXTechRecruitConference yesterday.”

“Our Team had the opportunity to learn about new hiring trends, while engaging with other industry leaders at the LAXTechRecruit 2018 Conference!”

“We encourage our team to seek out opportunities for ongoing professional learning and development. I use this as a selling point when chatting with prospective candidates. I am happy to report that I was able to experience this first hand at LAXTechRecruit. A lot of discussions around recruiting products, Artificial Intelligence, culture fit and how to establish processes that can prevent biases which can become a detriment to your team. Thank you!”

“Thank you to Stacey Broadwell we had a great time today at LAXTechRecruit discussing how to build world class talent acquisition teams!”

“Great time participating in LAXTechRecruit– met great people, learned a lot. Bravo Stacey Broadwell!”

“We’re stoked to be at #laxtechrecruit hearing from all the amazing speakers and panelists!”

“The panels and corresponding hosts were well chosen, well spoken, and informative. I was especially impressed with the choice of panel hosts/facilitators and their efforts to keep the momentum going and drive the conversation through each panel.”

“Excited to be at @LAXTechRecruit!”

“Was a blast guys & well done Stacey”

“Looking forward to what’s in store for next year.”

Katherine Dunn