Lou Adler is a speaker, author, coach and internationally-recognized expert in hiring.  Lou has been in the recruiting industry for more than 40 years.  He has written numerous books, founded a staffing agency, developed one of the most widely used hiring methodologies, performance-based hiring and now owns one of the world’s most recognized coaching brands, Lou Adler Group.  Lou is a champion of the recruiter and works to improve hiring managers.  He is influential and honest, and we are honored to have him as our keynote at LAXTechRecruit this year.  We sat down with Lou in an interview and discussed numerous topics, which will be covered in a multi part series.  In part one, Lou discusses how he got into coaching.  In part two, Lou discusses his universal hiring model.  In part three, Lou discusses why hiring managers cannot interview.  In part four, Lou discusses his fees and pivoting into video training.  In this next segment, Lou tells us his predictions for the future of recruiting.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are evolving recruitment – what is the future and how can recruiters embrace it?

We have a competency model that ranks recruiters.  There are two types of recruiting.  One is inbound recruiting where the person applied the other is outbound recruiting where you have to find them and reel them in.  Automation and artificial intelligence is great for the inbound process – because of that recruiters are going to be eliminated.  You don’t need the recruiter if its just going to be an administrative job.  It’s going to be no more powerful than a person at a call center.  They’ll process paper – it will be a low-level job.   Except for outbound recruiting where you must figure it out and you must pull people in and convince them.  That is what our model is about, outbound.  If you have linkedin recruiter, it’s a pretty high-tech model. I’ve found 90% of my candidates in the 4-5 searches I’ve done in the last year on Linkedin recruiter.  I also use Hiretual to find candidates.  The high-tech industries use to screen candidates based on performance-qualified achiever patterns – you put that in your sourcing and your AI – but the candidates also must be the job to be removed.  So if I have a role that requires ten years experience and I have a senior manager with six years experience, I think, you have to be pretty good to have six years experience.  So I tend to think what kind of words would this person have if they are performance qualified and a high achiever. I look for people who are lighter and have accomplished more then I give them a higher title and a faster rate of growth. That is my sourcing.  It’s a combination of good recruiting skills and smart thinking.  With automation used properly you can maximize quality in a shorter period of time. You’ll get there faster and you’ll have a job for life.  Though, I don’t want to say life, five years from now recruiters will be eliminated.  Hiring managers could do this on their own.  Inbound recruiters will be replaced.  Outbound recruiters will be gold.

Where will recruiters transition their careers? 

They are SOL!  If you are an inbound recruiter – what is hard about that? You are an administrator with too many reqs.  Outbound recruiting takes real skill.  You have to deal with two buyers and intangibles.  If you are an outbound recruiter, even if your job becomes replaced, you will be able to sell any complicated service or software. That ability to influence and sell people is remarkable. In outbound recruiting there will always be a market.

We see companies offering pay as low as $20/hr. Will the evolution to outbound recruiting shift the salary scale?

$20/hr is just embarrassing.  I pay my Sourcers anywhere between $60-90/hr., depending on how good they are. If it takes a recruiter 15 hours to get people, I give them a bonus.  If it takes them 30 hours to get the same amount of people – that’s they’re call. I need performance so I will budget them and if they get it done in less time, I give them the full amount of what I had budgeted.

What’s coming up for Lou?

We are now going to online training.  It’s more than videos. We have about 80 models for hiring managers and for recruiters.  Employers can pick which they want. It has a video and an infographic.  We are creating a mobile training portal so you can watch while on a train or at your desk.

Next up, Lou Adler talks about his own mentors. 

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